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If Satan is a self-professed Emperor and a usurper, does that mean he's a Bonapartist?

The Bourbons probably all thought so...

The Lion of Judah hath prevailed.

Ethiopia stretches her hands unto God (Quote from Psalm 68 which served as the Imperial Motto of the Ethiopian Empire)

"God and history shall remember your judgment." (Quote from Emperor Haile Selassie I's speech to the League of Nations to plead for assistance against the Italian Invasion, 1936.)

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^^ Like ^^
"In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas"

I am NOT an authorized representative of my Government.

Learn more about the Dominion of British West Florida at

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Originally Posted by BaronVonServers

We're talking about the real world not the cyber version.
You'll need:
1) The Belt of Truth
2) breastplate of righteousness;
3) Shoes of the preparation of the gospel of peace
4) The shield of faith
5) the helmet of salvation
6) the sword of the Spirit (which is the word of God).

Now,  to get these 'better than magical items' you'll need to Quest under the guidance of the Holy Ghost in the Scriptures, Prayer and Fasting.  A local congregation of believers to assist you in training would be a good idea.

I've been meaning to make this response for some years, so here goes: I'm sure I can bum these things off a kid in China, since they all sound like RPG items. And I know that China has I think whole factories dedicated to the selling of RPG items to Westerners for real money.

Oh, and this thread made me laugh due to its sheer weirdness. I mean, this is the last thing I would expect to find on a monarchy forum containing so many conservative Christians!

Hope you all found my response funny.

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This is an originally funny story... [cool]


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Originally Posted by RoyalistCavalier


Many people seem to believe that Satan and Lucifer are the same. In fact they are differant beings. When Satan was in Heaven as an Angel he belonged to highest choir of Angels the Seraphim's, while Lucifer was in Heaven he belonged to the Cherub the second highest choir of Angels. I believe Satan is the Devil while Lucifer is just one of his demon henchmen.

How can 1 being be in 2 different ranks of Angels at the same time?

BTW did you know that my demon Belial (Demon of January) is the father of Satan. He was the angel who encouraged his son to rebel against God and he was the first angel to be cast out of Heaven into Hell by God.

So which Demon represents the month of your birth?

I do find it very interesting about Hell being a Monarchy with a Nobility. You can say that Hell is the first place where you have a Monarchy and Nobility.

God is the Lord of Heaven
Satan is the Emperor of Hell

I am surprised that Belial is just a Prince of Hell rather then a Great King of Hell, after all he is the father of Satan.

So tell me what do you think of the family comprising of Samael, Lilith, Lesser Lilith, Asmodai and Naamah?

What do you think of Asmodai being the son of Adam and the Demon Naamah?

To learn more about the Henchmen of Satan go to

List of Demons

I do find its funny that their are no female Angles. I must say that it must be a hard life (No pun intended) for the angels. Their are Female Demons who are around in Hell, and unlike the Angels the Demons can mate and have offspring.

THE JEWS,so called god chosen people,believe that the CHERUBIN of angels are the higher hierachy,THEN THE SERAPHIM,I am thinking that those people who called them selves god chosen are actually WORSHIPING,what we call SATAN,and not GOD almighty,whatever god chose them,if you read that BIBLE of theirs,that god is just as FIL-THY as the J00S ARE.

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Originally Posted by RoyalistCavalier

I don't claim to be a Christian, but even I can answer that.   If humans are to have free will, God "has" to let them be able to do any evil they can imagine.  It would be very strange and illogical if there were some sort of magical exception preventing only the abolitions of monarchies, while allowing all other evils.   And as with all good things, what would there be to celebrate in the survival and restoration of monarchies if their overthrow were literally impossible?

The Christian monarchist and the secular monarchist can agree, I think, that it is up to us to work to preserve and restore monarchies.  "God helps those who help themselves," etc..


I am not that a religious person at all. In fact I am very secular in nature. I do believe however in God and what he stands for. God is a good being who is fighting the evil of Satan and his Demons. I would wish that he got more involved by using his/her powers against Satan and his Demonic henchmen and their foot soldiers of evil. I understand what you are saying about Free Will and that God gave us Free will to make our own decisions with regards to being evil or good, however I would like him to appear in such times that we need him/her.

I do have other bones to pick with regards.

I have a Strong views in regards to the 10 plagues of Egypt, the last Plague bothers me. The Last Plague is Death of all first Born's of Egypt, as a first born son this plague bothers me because if I was alive in Ancient Egypt at that time I would have died at the hands of God . We must remember that a member of the Egyptian Royal Family was amongst the first Born's that died. The eldest son of King Ramses II (The Great) died. I can understand the other plagues because of the evil of the Egyptians and I do agree that they deserved it, but I dont think that the innocent first Born's of the Egyptians deserved to die for the sins of the parents. What crimes did they do to deserve being all killed.


Informational the many more people are sloughed in the name of God then in the name of the Devil. When ever an Islamic terrorists explodes a car bomb or become a Suicide bomber they say Allah Akbar (God is Great). I have never heard of any Satanic terrorists killing the amount of people as so called followers of God. In fact when you add up all the people who has died at the hands of the followers of God vs the followers of Satan you will reallies that the followers of God have killed at least hundreds of thousands times the amount of people murdered by followers of Satan.

Again I cant understand why God does not do anything or at least send a message that these fanatics dont speak for me like giving a text similar to the Ten Commandments to the world?.

anytime,I HEAR A human STATE THAT SO CALL god allmighty CREATED HUMANS with FREEWILL,I just laugh and shake my head.because it is all GARBAGE,they only say this because they CAN NOT EXPLAIN the fact that their so call GOD,the creatOR of all things supposedly,ALSO created EVIL to TORMENT MEN.


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Ok first satan, lucifer, Michael, Gabriel are all titles and NOT names second, i don't think Lucifer or satan did anything wrong for the simple fact God is all knowing and creator of all and so they only fulfill the purpose they were created for BY GOD it is humans that "demonize" (for lack of a better word) these beings. Good and evil are merely human concepts to differentiate wanted and unwanted behaviors while i agree these beings exist i contend not in the context for which we think i think them a race of beings more advanced and older than ourselves and seek to influence our lives for whatever reason ... what most would consider aliens

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Originally Posted by RoyalistCavalier

Hierarchy of Hell (Nobility of Hell)

We all know that in our world their are Nobility threw out every Monarchy with such titles like Prince, Count and Baron. Their is however a Nobility of Hell with with Henchmen of Satan as the Nobles of Hell.  Here is a list of Titles of the Nobility of Hell from the highest to the lowest

01. Emperor (Lucifer)
02. Great Kings
03. Kings
04. Great Princes
05. Princes
06. Great Marquises
07. Marquises
08. Great Dukes
09. Dukes
10. Great Earls
11. Earls
12. Great Presidents
12. Presidents
13. Knights
14. Great Marshals

Here is a list of some Demons that I found representing some of the Noble Ranks of Hell.

Satan (Emperor of Hell)

Asmodai (Great King of Hell)

Belial (Prince of Hell)

Berith (Great Duke of Hell)

Baal (Duke of Hell)

As Monarchists what do you think of the Nobility of Hell. Do you believe that as Monarchists we have to support them. This is a tricky situation for us Monarchists becuase these Nobles are evil.

For some fun. We all know that we have a Chinese Calander and a Greek Calander representing the various Months. Their is also a Demon Calander in which certian Demons are at their most powerful on certain months.

Classification of Demons (Go to Classification of Demons by Month)

Since I was born in January, my Demon is Belial

Name: Belial
Rank: Prince of Hell
Domain: Ruler over the Northern Reaches of Hell
Commands: 80 Legions of Demons
Sins: Lies and Guilt
Element: Earth


Demons and their Months

Month: January
Demon: Belial

Month: February
Demon: Leviathan

Month: March
Demon: Satan

Month: April
Demon: Belphagor

Month: May
Demon: Lucifer

Month: June
Demon: Berith

Month: July
Demon: Beelzebub

Month: August
Demon: Astaroth

Month: September
Demon: Thammuz

Month: October
Demon: Baal

Month: November
Demon: Asmodai

Month: December
Demon: Moloch

Which Demon represents you.

The most powerful family in Hell BTW is comprised of Samael and Lilith, their daughter Lesser Lilith, her husband Asmodai and Asmodai's mother Naamah.

Lilith was the first wife of Adam before Eve
Namaah had a fling with Adam while Adam was with Lilith and had the poweful Demon Asmodai as a result.





So this is a fasctinating topic for us Monarchists. I believe we should talk about this because I find it very interesting.


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I am very close to these higher demons why I can't say They come to me on there own anyways Lucifer is Satan they aren't two different beings Ik him personally ppl is just confused bc demons like himself has different nicknames&Titles.

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I also know what hell looks like to but I sworn to the 7 lords I'd never tell but it's how you picture it.
Since childhood I always wondered why I dreamed Of hell and such and would see myself I was no angel but i belong to the highest of the low.I respect Satan aka Lucifer and all other demons who respect him I always felt something was missing and after all these years they came back to answer my questions in return im going might be asking going back where? What are u saying are you crazy? Maybe i am but its where i belong ik i felt like everyone seen me as mysterious and strange i felt like it just wasn't my place ik you'd probably laugh if i told u what i was and wanted to be i really want to tell but some things i can never tell all i can say is if you hear about me good luck trying to find me my life here i probably won't remember but it was nice getting to be here some ppl is nice others mean always wanting something from me others just wanting attention.I have no lover,I have no feelings I laugh when I hear ppl die why? Idk at least not until this day maybe i laugh to hide my sadness or maybe im a devil.I want to make the world a good place i want to help ppl in a good way thats why i feel who reads this will laugh im like a empty shell i can't tell the difference between whats real and fake bc my life was fake.Ppl lied to me i smile even when im sad they'd ask why i cry? They'd ask why im so outgoing? Idk anymore all i can say is goodbye.No im not killing myself.I worked to hard and went through to much and i carried on even when others took suicide&died i want to help the weak/poor i want to strengthen the broken& sad.

Akiato will be my new name

Year 2021

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