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Yesterday I received a letter (the traditional, hand-written kind) from "IdahoKaiser," who as some of you may know is currently undergoing Basic Training with the U.S. Military.  He wanted me to assure "our fellow monarchists" that he is "holding firm."  "Ironically so far basic training is making me even more fervently monarchist" 

I wonder if this is the first letter ever sent from a U.S. military base concluding with the words, "God Save the Queen, God Save the Kaiser!  For the Hohenzollern Restoration!"   He requested that I send him a portrait of Wilhelm II with which I am complying today.


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Amazing fellow!

I sent letters out in runes when I was in boot camp, but that was only so that the sisters wouldn't be able to read the letter sent to my dear one of the time, but even so I'd not have ended with 'God Save the Queen'.  A brave soul, this young fellow.

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