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The EU certainly works to insinuate itself with many politicians, the civil service (which sees the Brussels service as colleagues), academia, and so on. But I know of no evidence for literal bribes (though there's grants and subsidies and even employment opportunities aplenty, usually coming from Brussels - ignoring the fact the money originally comes from European taxpayers - but sometimes things are done for Brussels, like when universities undertake reports or draft legislation for the EU for the sake of good will and ideology), especially to the likes of Farage and Griffin.

Brussels plays the usual political game of sleazy favours well, but it doesn't get into illegal corruption as a matter of policy (though there has been plenty of corruption and embezzlement from Eurocrats and others over the years, aided by sometimes atrocious budgetary oversight). The closest I can think of is the illegal use of civil servants by the yes campaign in 1975. This was a political campaign and the civil servants were supposed to be neutral but the Europhiles made extensive use of them and the BBC. The EU is certainly a body that has a degree of deceit and manipulation woven into it, beyond what is normal for Western politics, and it sometimes sails close to the wind, but offering bribes to all and sundry seems obvious conspiracy theory.

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Originally Posted by Peter
Honestly, Dom, I wouldn't mind the garbage you come up with half so much if it wasn't always such disgusting garbage. Can't you keep your racism, xenophobia and conspiracy-theory craziness in check? Just now and then, for a post or two? So some fruitcake for whom even UKIP wasn't zany enough proclaims that all Britain's leaders are in the pay of the European Commission. Ninety-nine people out of a hundred would dismiss it without a second thought, if indeed they required a first. You, unfortunately, are the 100th. The reason all the legislation linking us to the EU hasn't been repealed is we are still members, and will be until 2019 at least, and therefore under continuing legal obligations. Which anyone with claims to be taken seriously on the question would know; this is not, obviously, a category to which David Noakes belongs. As for Europe's monarchies, none of them is under any threat and they will be around long after you and I are not.

Peter, it is very sad that an intelligent man like yourself is so out of touch with reality regarding the political situation in Europe. I am a commodities and currencies trader, which means I have to keep up to date with the latest political conditions in Europe. Professor David Coleman of Oxford University hit the nail on the head when he forecast that many of Europe's nations are destined to become ethnic minorities in their ancestral homelands within forty-five years. The problem is two fold: (1) Europeans are not reproducing- the average birthrate for Europe is 1.4 children per couple- this is far below the replacement rate needed to keep a nation, much less a civilization going. Part of this is due to economics- women not being able to work and raise children at the same time, the other is cultural- feminism has all but destroyed the traditional family unit. In Germany 30% of middle age women have never had children, this figure rises to 40% among the university educated. (2) Europe is being invaded by an army of migrants- more than the continent can possibly cope with, these people are not going to be successfully integrated into European society. As a French security official recently warned: France is headed for civil war, and so is the rest of Europe according to Lt Gen Andre Blattman of the Swiss Armed Forces. If David Coleman's forecast comes true, then most of Europe's monarchies will fall, since they are dependent on the traditional loyalties of the native white population to survive. If you believe that all will be well, then you hold a minority opinion in the eyes of the international security  community. Europe is headed for a very rough time, and it is debatable whether any of Europe's monarchies can survive this period without some kind of military government. During the French elections, the French government had HALF of the entire French army patrolling the streets of French cities just to maintain order- this is not a normal situation at all. Thanks to medical technology, there are far too many people on the planet, the population needs to be reduced by at least two thirds in order for normality to be restored- which is why Microsoft's Bill Gates among others spends his days touring the globe to preach population reduction. As for Europe, war is coming to Europe and it's going to be nasty, trust me. I am quite well informed thank you. It's my job to know what's happening there because I have positions in the market which are affected by every terrorist attack, every election, and every economic development. 


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Domhangairt, we've talked about these birth rate figures before. I argued then that the 1.4 child per couple was nonsense and I've yet to see any convincing source that backs up this number. I'm not talking about some right-wing website here, but about reliable figures. Can you back it up?

To be clear, I'm not denying that there is no growing population of migrants at all in Europe. It's just that you, as others on this forum have sadly done was well, seem to blow up the numbers to ridiculous proportions.

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Happy second anniversary of regaining our independence! Let's hope it doesn't get taken away from us.
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