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His Majesty the King of Sweden has removed all the children of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeliene of Sweden from the Royal House.  This act deprives them of the H.R.H. dignity and the title of Prince and Princess, limiting the title and dignity to his own children and the children of Crown Princess Victoria.  The children will remain Dukes and Duchesses however.  This move will save costs, and limit those members of the family to those expected to carry out official functions.  It does not alter the order of succession to the throne.

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Thanks for posting that informative article about the Swedish royal family.

The last word in the first sentence of the first linked article article, which refers to the monetary sum paid to the members of the royal family, ought to be 'appanage' rather than 'appendage'.  The article itself is quite informative, though.

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At the behest of the government?

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no, as far as i know by own initiative to be on forefront with developments and to avoid being asked to do so.
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