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Many years ago I read all these stories of the great things that happened in Monarchies, all those legends, tales or wonders that emerged from those times. I've done some research into things like property relations recently and how life once was, getting back on track but what put me off-track was the difficulty in gaining support from people to make a return to some of the ways before. I am very in favor of the distributist economy and think we've 'thrown the baby out with the bathtub', its a shame what happened to Sark. There was something about what people call the Feudal times that is just so appealing for some reason compared to modern day economic life. Was it the stability, security, uniqueness of each area and some things being more simple?

I've done my research onto some of the surviving Monarchist pre-Capitalist/Democratic societies and they are not as oppressive at all as we claim. We have been bombarded and brainwashed with Anti-Monarchist propaganda. In reality it is not we 'the people' who rule in such a system, but a bunch of merchant class people not too different from the peasant class starting trouble who hated being kept in check by the King/Lord from becoming too powerful then created this notion. The abolition of full Monarchy/the old ways destroyed the ability of many to be self-sufficient and also the security we once all had. They blurt 'human rights' and 'freedom' but we all really know they just want their monopoly protected as seen with Sark island. What do you think?

In every history writing at the same time they always try to portray life under Monarchy say if you were born a 'peasant' as 'highly oppressive', 'the worst system' or 'having no freedom/human rights'. I compare our societies today and I find it why is it so ironic that we have far less flexibility, far less free-time and security in the so-called 'democratic system'? Peasants only put 150 days a year of work it was said, and it was also said that people had 80 holidays a year compared to just 8? Everybody made a living using either the land they lived on or their own tools of trade rather than rely on 'the job market', so finding a profession was not difficult at all. Whether it was to be a herbalist, artist, singer, writer, craftsman, fisherman, peasant/farmer, get yourself hired as a 'mercenary' and so forth.

Under the old system everybody had a role to play and there was the code of chivalry, as well as great security.

P.S I would like this moved to the introductions thread if needed.
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