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I'm opposed to the establishment of a Greater Kurdistan for the following reasons:

#1: I'm opposed to Kurdish independence from Turkey, because the PKK, which is a Communist terrorist movement, enjoys widespread support among Turkish Kurds. I don't want Kurdistan to be ruled by a Communist regime.
#2: I'm opposed to Kurdish independence from Iran, because the Persians are our Iranic kin, and Iran has never committed genocide against the Kurds, unlike Iraq, or suppressed the Kurdish language and Kurdish culture, unlike Turkey and Syria.
#3: I would like South (Iraqi) Kurdistan to annex the Kurdish regions of Syria, but I'm opposed to it happening without the consent of Russia, because I'm opposed to jeopardizing our friendly relations with Russia for the sake of annexing the Kurdish regions of Syria. I'm a staunch supporter of Kurdish independence from Iraq, and Russia supported the referendum on Kurdish independence from Iraq in 2017, while USA opposed the Kurdish independence referendum.
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