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Grand Duke Nicholas Konstantinovich was a grandson of Czar Nicholas I. As a young man, he was banished to the city of Tashkent in Turkestan (at that time part of the Russian Empire) for having stolen some jewels from a family icon, and he spent the remainder of his life there. He apparently married a police-chief's daughter, and had 2 sons, 2 grandchildren (a son and daughter), and about half a dozen illegitimate children from various affairs. He apparently died, aged about 67 yrs. old, in Tashkent on January 26, 1918.

I wonder if anyone on this forum could shed some light on an apparent discrepancy in Wikipedia concerning the circumstances of his death.

The Wikipedia biographical article for Grand Duke Nicholas Konstantinovich of Russia states "....Nikolai died of pneumonia on 26 January 1918. He was buried in St. George's Cathedral ( later demolished by the Soviet regime)." At the bottom of the page, under "References", it states "From newspaper publications of 1918 follows that Nikolay Romanov died in the [his] own house near Tashkent from pneumonia."

However, in the Wikipedia biographical article for Natalia Androsova (his granddaughter), under the subheading Russian Revolution and Civil War, it states "...her grandfather was killed by local revolutionaries, the first grand duke to die in the Red Terror. The family never discussed the circumstances of his death....."

Thanks for any further information that might be available.

Dis Aliter Visum "Beware of martyrs and those who would die for their beliefs; for they frequently make many others die with them, often before them, sometimes instead of them."
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