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I don't know if I put it in the right spot, but Palatine is surely not the only place in the world where this is a problem.


Kings, Vice-Lords,Skaters,etc. They are mostly involved in the Drug trade and other criminal things.


What was really scary is that one time this Senior was on the bus stop talking to his friends and he was like Al Capone or something,saying how he could just snap his fingers and get all these Gangs to defend him.

If all the world is a stage,can I be Carmen?

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I'm confused, is there a topic to be discussed here, or is this like a blog?

Long Live The King, Long Live Louis XX!

"So pride yourself on what you are, And hold them all to words they can't take back. I've seen a place (it comes) to me in dreams, Where fires die but light still shines for us to see! Would God bless a murder of the innocents? Would God bless a war based on pride? Would God bless a money-hungry government? Noooo! Would God bless our ineffective court system? God bless the sweatshops we run. God bless America? God bless America?" ~Rise Against (Blood Red, White & Blue)
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