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Various Far Left: 253.580 - 0,98% - 0 MP
Communist Party-Left Front: 1.792.923 - 6,91% - 13 MP
Socialist Party-Various Left: 8.499.335 - 32,75% - 303 MP
Green Party: 1.418.141 - 5,46% - 18 MP
Left Radical Party-Left Centrist: 429.059 - 1,65% - 12 MP
Democratic Movement (Centrist): 458.046 - 1,76% - 2 MP
New Centre/Centrist Alliance (Right Centrist): 725.916 - 2,80% - 14 MP
Right Radical Party-Right Centrist: 321.054 - 1,24% - 5 MP
UMP-Right and Various Right: 7.947.863 - 30,63% - 207 MP
National Front: 3.528.373 - 13,60% - 2 MP
Various and Others: 578.260 - 2,23% - 1 MP (Various Far Right)

The historical youngest French MP, Marion Le Pen (National Front), 22.

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Monarchist party "Alliance Royale" gained only 0,15% (with 40 candidates).

Prince Charles-Philippe d'Orléans gained 3,05% (Independent Right).


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Prince Charles-Philippe, who is the person properly granted and legitimately able to use the title of duc d'Anjou, is the son of Michel, comte d'Evreux, third son of the previous comte de Paris, the titular Henri VI. Prince Michel married a noble French lady, whose lineage however was not considered sufficiently distinguished by Michel's father, so the marriage was declared undynastic. However, as France has never had an equal marriage law the present comte quite properly reversed this decision upon acceding as head of house, and since then Charles-Philippe's royal title and status have been acknowledged.

He was brought up in Spain and presently lives in Portugal with his wife, who is also a Capetian as a member of a cadet branch of the Braganzas, and is descended from the second marriage, in this case properly considered morganatic, of Princess Carolina of the Two Sicilies, mother by her first marriage of the titular Henri V, last of the French main line of the Bourbons.

In case anyone wonders what a resident of Portugal is doing campaigning in the French elections, he was seeking election as a representative of French citizens resident abroad, who apparently form several constituencies in the French parliament. And, royal as his background may be, Prince Charles-Philippe is unfortunately of declared republican sympathies.
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