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From the October 5th issue of The Week, about which you can see the naked Harry thread for info:

A Frenchman is on trial in Bordeaux charged with brainwashing and then robbing 3 generations of a family of aristocrats. 48-year-old Thierry Tilly supposedly convinced the wealthy an titled Vedrines* family that he was a master spy and also a representative of an ancient order which was fighting dark forces he said were plotting against the family. According to prosecutors, Tilly persuaded 11 members of the family to barricade themselves in their chateau from 1999 to 2006 and also to sign over to him assets of over $5 million. Family member Ghislaine de Vedrines* Marchand was quoted as saying "We were so paranoid that we could no longer think straight."

*Vedrines has an accent on the first e that slants leftwards.
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