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*Chevalier quietly creeps back onto the forums*

Although I'm sure that some of you already know; I figured it couldn't hurt to make y'all aware of the Royalist Party, USA. The newest in the long line of American Monarchist parties this one is rather rare among it's predecessors in that the RPUSA advocates for the admission of America as a Commonwealth Realm under HM the Queen rather than raising a homegrown dynasty to the crown.

I know that most of the Americans here either are Loyalists or would be if they thought it feasible and I encourage all of you to join and help the party grow. Even if you don't think that the monarchy could ever realistically be brought back; only through inaction does it stay that way. 13% of Americans want to bring back the Crown, and with your help we can make it happen!

Our parent/sister organisation
Our Facebook page
Our webpage (a new and improved one is in the works)
Our Massachusetts and Virginia chapters, respectively

There are also chapters in Texas, Georgia, and Florida although none of them yet have web or Facebook pages.

"The absolute ruler may be a Nero, but he is sometimes a Titus or Marcus Aurelius; the people is often Nero, but never Marcus Aurelius." -Antoine de Rivarol

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That is an interesting take on reconciling the constitution with a return to the crown. Perhaps take less partisan stands on economic issues though. Monarchy is not tied to any specific economic system (excepting marxism). Economic discussions are important to have, but they don't need to distract from advocacy for monarchism.

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I agree with Clark that no particular economic system is tied to monarchism (with the exception of communism, duly noted), but I like the distributist policies described by Emily Molloy.   I think it's necessary for any political party to have an economic policy, which can be bartered to attain the prize – the monarchy itself.

That said, a discussion of a restoration in the US remains a thought experiment that has little chance of being implemented.

"For every monarchy overthrown the sky becomes less brilliant, because it loses a star. A republic is ugliness set free." - Anatole France

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Oddly enough Cambodia has a king and is essentially a communist state.

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Originally Posted by Admiral_Horthy
Oddly enough Cambodia has a king and is essentially a communist state.

What, no they're not. Dictatorship yes, but communist they are not.
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