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Reviews from art critics were mixed, and my own personal view is that the painter aged her (her eyes look sunken to me). The Duchess herself liked it, though.

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I don't really like it either, though perhaps the painting looks better seen in person than in photographs via the internet. And I doubt that HRH would have publicly said anything negative even if she was privately disappointed, so we don't really know.

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Common courtesy does usually dictate that when people do things for you on your behalf you act appreciative about it, so it doesn't surprise me that the Duchess would say that she likes it. Plus I guess having people paint your portrait is pretty cool, irrespective of the actual end result.

I'm another person who doesn't think much of it. It's definitely the Duchess of Cambridge, but she looks tired and aged, almost a little grumpy. Her smile doesn't reach her eyes and seems put on. The dark, moody lighting doesn't help either. It resembles one of those portraits you'd see in haunted houses, where grim eyes follow you down the corridors.
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