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I have to agree with Theodore, that I like both sides of the picture very much. I read the "Daily Telegraph" (the major conservative British broadsheet) every day, but I love "populist" biographies of individual royal figures - Massie's "Nicholas & Alexandra," Cadbury's "The Lost King of France" and Starkey's "Six Wives," are particularly fine examples.

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Originally Posted by royalcello
I can't help noticing that the great majority of the members here (and all of those with more than one post to their name) are male.  Surely female monarchists exist.  Any thoughts on why women don't seem to participate here? 

Certainly there are aspects of monarchy that one would think would appeal to women.

I'm not trying to fill any "diversity quotas" or anything, just wondering....

This looks like an old post, but it's an interesting one and I want to share my thoughts on it. Several of you made some good points regarding this topic of female monarchists. I agree with Paul and Daniel that there are much fewer women than men in the U.S. who identify as monarchists for those reasons and it does seem to be due to general differences in interests between men and women.

Most women aren't interested in discussing political systems and to be a monarchist(of any kind) requires interest in analyzing and discussing systems of government, which most women aren't interested in, even though most women in the U.S. vote and belong to a political party.

As an American female monarchist and a woman with Aspergers, I'm more interested in the symbolism of monarchism and the symbolism of political leadership roles, rather than following social gossip about the fashion that some Royal person wears every week or what meal they ate last week. I'm not interested in Royal weddings or the British Royal family, or any foreign monarchy families. I'm interested in the monarchial symbolism, cultural views of, and Constitutional powers of the U.S. Presidency. 

As a woman, I do like discussing the emotional aspects of why I like a male authority figure such as the President, but I also like discussing various political systems and ideologies. As a female, on an emotional level, what appeals to me with monarchy or monarchism is the power symbolism and authority of a male leadership role.
In this case, I view the Presidency as a Kingly role, which is very appealing to a female monarchist such as myself.

The aspect of having a powerful male authority figure/male monarchial symbol is really appealing to me as a female, on an emotional, personal, and symbolic level. That emotional component does contribute to my monarchism ideology. But as a woman with Aspergers, I also (unconventionally) like talking about the ideological/technical aspects of political systems

I'd say that both emotional reasons and ideological/intellectual reasons made me a Republican Monarchist. Specific scholarly writings on the Presidency, U.S. Constitution, and the Founders' various ideas also had a big influence.

The President is an elective King
--Theodore Roosevelt
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