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Once he becomes King Charles III, do you think Charles will do away with the sightseeing tours of Buckingham Palace?
Laszlo Gere

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No, that would bring public outrage.

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I'd agree, this bird has flown as to the tours of the Palace as they have crossed the line into a way of London and Westminster life now, plus they can make a Quid from it for upkeep.
Yours Sincerely Queenslander

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There are rumors that Charles will most likely move the primary residence of the monarch out of Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle.  It is known that the royal family have not been overly enthused about living in Buckingham Palace for quite some time, and have a preference for Windsor.  Some staff have allegedly compared it to living in a hotel and that it isn't very homey for it's residents.  If that is the case, Buckingham Palace will function largely a museum and as a venue for occasional state events much like the Royal Palace in Madrid.
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