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Earlier in the week, I received as I posted in the other thread an email from Don Foreman, former secretary-general of the IML. He does not post on here but regularly reads our discussions, and picked up on what I had advanced in my thread. His reply to me focused on the challenges and obstacles faced in forging any new organisation, a new alliance among monarchists. As you all know, I feel we ought to strive for a "big tent" that can not only encompass all strands of monarchism, but also be mindful of quite a few things, that I believe Don had touched on in his correspondence to me.

Yes, monarchists are a very diverse lot because we are genuinely representative of the wider society, even on this forum. Can this be used to our advantage? Definitely. But it also poses significant problems. Sure enough, we have supporters of rival claimants (where such cases exists), different currents of monarchism in countries like France and Italy, supporters of constitutional monarchy and more "traditional forms" and so forth, whereas I like to straddle all of them. And here we ask ourselves, why are we here, where are we now and where should we go.

Our chief cause, like that of any purported new organisation, is to promote discussion about monarchy past and present, and to defend of existing monarchies and restore fallen ones. This is a principle all of us agree on, yet too often without a cohesive strategy in mind. And that may come to the above, that diversity of opinion is a strength, yet the flip side is that we have struggled to find cohesion on how we promote the cause. There are people here who view monarchy in a contemporary political context and there are those who envision an alternative to the modern world we live in, and we have quite a few of the latter either on this forum or in the circles we move in. The latter group are very often likely to be eccentrics. But there is also the problem that we have in our ranks people whose views are considered "extreme" by the mainstream, and a slippery slope thinking that does our cause no good, and likely to play into the hands of the enemy. I say this, because our forum is representative of ALL of that, for better or worse.

There is a marked diversity and indeed division in our own community on ideological and partisan lines, which is at least in line with politics generally. It is a reality we live in. Most monarchists are not single-issue people, and most define monarchism as one component (albeit an essential component) of their ideology and worldview. I view monarchism as a component of my own, essentially conservative vision and worldview and a defence of monarchy being a crucial weapon against ideological enemies. Thus I am mindful that monarchism is not a cause that exists in isolation, but part and parcel of my politics. Precisely why I am critical of single-issue movements on things such as abortion, gay marriage, environmentalism, immigration, etc precisely because such single-issue politics cannot exist in isolation. Most monarchists, here and elsewhere, are not "single-issue" because they are people whose monarchism is woven into their own political fabric. Thus monarchist activism must contain an awareness of one's domestic political landscape and of foreign political landscapes, for which strong interest and knowledge of history and current affairs becomes essential.

I'm saying this based off various discussions on this forum (see the Golden Dawn thread, and others) and various activity and discussions on Facebook. If we go by our community, we are basically split into a conservative camp, a larger group of moderates, and a couple of those further left. And then we have people who don't quite nearly fit, and some do take slippery slope positions. And we have some who choose to stay above or apart from the fray. If I'm critical of some people's "slippery slope thinking" it's because I see it as being profoundly unhelpful in shaping a cohesive course for monarchism. Furthermore, it is a waste of valuable time and energy, and we have wasted enough! Certainly monarchism transcends most existing political currents and relations between most forum members, of different political and religious persuasions, are for most part good. I like to think that we as monarchists can demonstrate a cooperative spirit and meld together a cohesive vision for activism and advocacy.

Moreover, what we monarchists need in striving for the mainstream in activism and advocacy, is to demonstrate an awareness of common sense in public relations, and this is precisely why I have cautioned people against slippery slope thinking. If we can stick to those rules, the opportunity that presents could be boundless.

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Dear David,

I think that the General principles, we can inspire us with what had been written by the International Monarchist Conference (IMC) whose interest, compared to IML was to gather from monarchists from countries other than the Anglo-Saxon countries:
We consider as "Monarchist" every nation, every government, every organization or individual advocating the creation or preservation of a political structure based upon an incarnate and sovereign system, a defender of natural liberties and independent from economic and political oligarchies and elites.

Whilst the forms of Monarchy can differ it remains, for many peoples and nations, a stable reality, or else an aspiration for a society with greater justice and protection for all its people.
We live in a globalizing world, which tends to ignore many local realities: human, cultural, historical, economic, philosophical and religious. Whereas Monarchy places the human factor at the heart of political considerations, globalization tends to regard human values as just one parameter among others in its macro-economic development agenda.

Facing this destructive globalization threat to national identities, monarchist parties, groups, organizations and newspapers carry on their fight often without any real coordination, just rare, conjectural or informal contacts."

Dimension missing to the IMC is the dimension of the individual membership. This is what we should add a new attempt to international monarchist.

And I think that, to begin with, we need you to assemble around the national correspondent for the international news: English, one or two Americans, an Austrian, a French, one or two Canadians, an Ethiopian, a Mexican, Spanish, Italian, etc.

Launch the initiative and the inscriptions on this forum (if Royalcello is in agreement). And find all a set name.

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The IML was/is British-based but its mission was to promote monarchy throughout the world, and corresponding with some of its prominent members, it was far from being exclusive of "non-Anglo" influences if I may say so. I believe the problem has been a lack of effective communication within our community. We monarchists cannot be alone, and just as all kinds of causes and movements depend on a network of support that stretches across the globe, so should monarchism. We cannot be isolated and forced upon our own resources.

I will forward here some ideas to consider, that could be done by any group:

Write letters to the press and media generally in support of monarchy
Make qualified and knowledgeable spokesmen available for media interviews
Organise financial and practical support for monarchist charities (e.g. The Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation)
Arrange lectures and debates in schools, universities and clubs to explain and promote monarchy
Counter creeping republicanism by organising campaigns to resist removal of royal symbols, and present royal portraits to schools and other public buildings
Organise events to celebrate royal occasions
Arrange meetings for monarchists to attend and share experience
Act as a clearing house for the exchange and dissemination of monarchist information from and between national groups
Set up a databank/library which can be consulted by interested parties
Publish (either in hard copy or on-line) a well-researched magazine or similar presenting monarchist news from around the world
Maintain a directory of monarchist organisations
Answer questions from members, the media and the general public

These things have already been done, and can be done on an even greater scale. The experience of active monarchist groups in the UK, Australia, France, etc can be utilised to the benefit of all.
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