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If you look at those who lived under Feudalism, even though people claimed there was sometimes war and all that stuff they were more refined, well mannered and gentlemanly than many of us? People were that way generally but it was only during times of war or strife did they act 'violent' according to the history written in order to fight for their kingdom.

Looking at the abolition of Monarchy, when Sark island gave up feudalism in 2008 which they had for generations they actually found the so-called 'democratic' system worse than what they once lived under. Peasants even had 80 holidays compared to just 8 every year, and more freedom than us in many areas.

All attempts to implement Democracy have led to barbarism and never a society where 'the people' truely ruled? Does modern 'democratic society' resemble a barbarism with 'pack leaders'? People always tend to talk about how it is a 'dog-eat-dog' environment today compared to Monarchy/Feudalism which was a society of Order that said everybody 'weak' or 'strong' had a role to play in society that has been pre-ordained regardless.

Codes of Chivalry that promoted refinement and honor, even in warfare were abolished with the fall of Monarchy.

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