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Just last year, there was the death of brave Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya, whose Christian Liberation Movement is one of the groups operating against the Castro regime. Now, Cuba's Ladies in White get the Sakharov Peace Prize for their struggle for freedom.

Cuba remains an example of the Left's idiocy and delusions. We are told about its "excellent" education and health care, when in reality they are only for the elite and for foreign visitors. We are told about "equality", when in reality Cubans are better off if they receive remittances from their relatives abroad. Sure enough, former US Secretary of State George Shultz has a point about the embargo: it no longer makes sense if it ever did. Not least because if people visit Cuba, they might get a nasty shock of reality and not what Left propaganda tells them, if they dare go off the beaten (official) track.

I want to know how these Trendy Lefties in the West can bear to live without the technology like smartphones and computers they use to spout their venom on a regular basis. They won't much like it won't they?
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