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Sorry I've been gone awhile...trying to finish up so I can walk in May with a degree in History!

So I was rolling along happily pretending to be at the head of a column of bicycle troops (Fahrradtruppen is what I call them...I'm 24 with the imagination of a 10 year old ), jamming out to some awesome marching songs, when I happened upon, *GASP* the local Occupy Wall Street Protesters, located here in Pocatello, of whom had the Guy Fawkes mask on.  It was...yup, a cute moment of me curiously observing these protesting folk

Long story short, I'm flirting with the idea of a few-hour long counterprotest in favor of monarchy and common sense.  I've been discussing it with Jovan, and what I'll be a-needin':

-Flags, specifically Canadian, British and perhaps the Grand Union American flag I own.  Anything related to monarchy is nice, and I have that covered.

-Brochures explaining the benefits of monarchy (I'll need your help on that, guys!  My only request is to keep it simple.  People don't make time for detailed, well-explained reasonings anymore outside of the lot of you I've met!)

-Posters, perhaps of some pro-monarchy slogans and portraits of good monarchs in history.  Suggestions would be great because I'm pro-Hohenzollern/Habsburg/Sonderburg-Gluecksburg, but Americans on the whole still think we're fighting the Second World War.  Britain is an obvious choice with portraits of Her Majesty the Queen, but mixing it up is fun

-Any idea where I can find some Royalist Party buttons/pins?  Or where I can have buttons made?

This is a one-man counterprotest and should be a fun one thanks for the help and suggestions, gang!

Long live the monarchies of the world!!!

"Democracies, more often than not, are a constant power struggle. Parties with starkly different ideologies, fighting to the death over anything and everything, constantly assuming power and undoing the policies the previous administration had and introducing their own...this is very unhealthy for a nation and undermines the nation in the long run, setting it up for countless civil wars and instability. A monarchy is a living link to the distant past, and a rallying point for those who desire to preserve the old while looking to the new without the constant power changes"-Myself :)
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