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Originally Posted by AaronTraas

Here's a perspective on it:

Far from un-biased, Matt Stoller is quite liberal, but he's made waves for criticizing the Obama administration, where he worked for a time, for cow-towing to big business. His axe to grind is consolidation of monopoly power, and though I'm to the right on him on most issues, as a distributist I think he's nailed a lot of things regarding what the government should be doing to counter the growing threat of the corporate surveillance state. 

I like his weekly column, because again, though he and I differ quite a lot on ideology, he calls out democrats just as much as republicans when they screw the little guy. 

Anyway, in the article above he classifies the bill blocked as a $6-10 trillion corporate welfare bill, rather than providing relief to those in need. That's something worth considering.

That was interesting. I too am very much a Distributist, and I can see that there are definitely grounds to criticise the Republican approach, although I am not sure I'd hope for much better. Also, my Distributism is very much anti-Neoliberalism and anti-Social Democracy, so I don't necessarily consider the latter any better than the former. But if the Democrats had criticised the Republican bill on this score only, I could have got behind them. The problem is they also seem to have decided it was a great time to stick in irrelevant boondoggles, like extra NASA funding or funding for global warming research. At one point they were even talking about federal funding of abortion, both inside and outside America: because killing babies is obviously an important way to fight this disease (and anyone remember when the pro-abortion side was about choice - turns out they never meant it as a general principle!).

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The Prime Minister has now tested positive, as has the Health Secretary. For the time being both are displaying only mild symptoms and are continuing to work while maintaining isolation.

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True and Crazy!!

And at least I know it!

With Gds help;

Dear Commander in Chief.

I heard you say that depression and suicides are more harmful than a serious pandemic plague. Again I really have the cure and the proof just appeared a week ago. This time the White House will be way ahead of all the experts:

Rabbi Na Nach has just sent what is in my opinion more significant than ‘the hidden book’, one of the names Rabbi Nachman gave to a holy ‘note’(letter/hand/map...) written on that day when Nelson defeated Napoleon at a Trafalgar. You can be certain that the victory took place because of this note (Na Nach calls it a note, the first part of which he calls a letter).

The new message is a quote from 30 years ago that appeared printed on the outline of the original note. Once you read it you will understand.

Translated from Hebrew:

...this melody is out of this world! ‘Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman’, it IS “big mitsvah to be happy always”, this melody is endless. The whole world are singing it, the whole world, even non-Israel are singing it...

We see that the whole world accept this melody, people come and say:”We heard a melody that goes like this, ‘Na Nach’”, filled with this song will be all of France and all of England with ‘Na Nach’. Italy and China, and all the nations, they will ask:”What is ‘Na Nach’?” They have no questions to ask, only about ‘Na Nach’:” What is ‘Na Nach’?”

This is the melody, you know what this melody is’Na Nach’? This is a melody that has the power to cure all ills, he can do everything!

They see with their own eyes a disease that has no cure, cancer, a type of cancer. And our holy Rabbi says to the disease: “go away from here!” The the patient is made new!

“What is it, what happened, where did it go the disease?”

We are singing ‘Na Nach’.....

Admiral Nelson did not see the letter that saved him you Sir deserve to have full possession of it!

Mordecai Spiro
From Ebay Ha Nachal


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Just to wrap up that part of the thread (page 2), the stimulus bill has now been passed by both houses and signed into law. I expect each party will continue to blame the other for the hold-up, but the important thing is that the bill has got through.
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