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Fellow Monarchists...I have a very serious message for you. Back when Prime Minister Arik Sharon was hospitalized I was also. On the 8th day of Hannukka I burnt my hand with the menorah of my horse drawn puppet show. Three days later I was rushed to the hospital with internal burning of my hand. To make a very long story short. I was meant to pass a secret message to PM Sharon who could not receive it. Instead of passing it to family members of his, I passed it to Zippi Livni who in turn was forced to pass it to Prime Minister Netanyahu.The Biological Warfare Early Warning System was passed according to law by an act of Gd. How else could a “religious fanatic” like myself have access to this information or even pass it to first level members of an over-protected Government like the Israeli Government, and this in person of course.You would fall off your chairs if you knew the size of the contract.I am telling you all this to confirm the statement by Rav Israel Ber Odesser who claims to be the divinely appointed King over all Kings. Make no mistake, I adore POTUS, but he is not a King. It is very important for the survival of billions of people that the monarchs of the world assistPOTUS in bringing the bones of Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem. Rabbi Nachman is the second son of Rachel(born from 3533 years of tears), he is the 12th Imam (reborn from a well). I say Billions of people depend on this act because I do not know when the next opportunity will occur. Imagine what would have happened to Egypt had Pharaoh not met Josef!This is a short description. I would rather answer you specific questions. Take notice however that all the priesthood of Egypt gained its legitimacy only because Pharaoh recognized Josef and Josef recognized the priesthood.Those that think they can survive in bunkers are bonkers because their embarrassment will be so great that they will never dare to come ouT

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