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I was doing some research on VAT fraud and came across an article on the Serious Organised Crime Agency website.

Prison for money service bureau partners who laundered £35m

"The sentences, handed down on 13 February, follow an 11-week trial during which Sabir stated that he converted around £25m from Sterling to €500 notes for a Libyan national, Mohammed Al-Senussi, to spend on prostitutes and luxury living."

Who is this Mohammed Al-Senussi?

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The Senussi clan is a vast one, so Mohammed al Senussi could be just about anybody from that huge extended family, not necissarily anyone closely connected to the late King.
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I don't think this is the pretender Mohammed, if this is even a member of the dynasty at all.

Why was timseria's account deleted?

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He asked me to delete it. No idea why.
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