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Originally Posted by "SupremeDirector"
I think you guys misinterpreted what I wrote. When I said the thing about the Protestants, I was only joking, and if I offended you Baron, I apologize.
I thought you were joking, and that my reply returned the joke, but apparently my intent was less clear than yours.    Again I appologize for having muddied the waters.

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Originally Posted by SupremeDirector

Lastly, I still don't understand why you are seeking to limit it to only Traditionalists who are willing to take the vows of Knighthood. There are already very few Traditionalist Catholics left, and even less who are willing to become Knights. I know many young Catholics who cling to post-Vatican II though, who would jump at the idea of a Catholic militia. How does it make sense to alienate most of our fellow Catholics? That is what I don't understand about your whole idea.

I think I can make this statement without violating the rules of the Forum since it's simply a matter of statistics. The Traditionalist movement is growing every day with new Churches being built, priests being ordained, and religuious brothers and sisters being clothed, while the NO Church is dying on the vine.

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I would certaintly like to see the numbers backing that up, seeing as how the only Church anywhere near me, and I live outside of Philiadelphia, that celebrates the Latin Mass, is a tiny chapel owned by a post-Vatican II church, and which crams about 100 people into a tiny little box. I would love to know where all these Traditionalists and Churches are, because they aren't here.

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Prior to the continuation of this discussion on this forum, I believe it would be appropriate for us to either:

1.  Start a new thread


2.  Get permission from RoyalCello to bend the rules a bit so that we can have this discussion here.

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Sorry, no conservative/traditionalist Catholic debates!

Furthermore, I'm afraid I've decided that this thread, which has not only wandered in a direction outside the boundaries of the forum rules, but has been indicated to me by a distinguished British monarchist whose friendship I value as an example of why he is reluctant to register here, would be better off locked.  
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