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yes thank you theodore, if i had seen thad he had already been banned i wouldnt have wasted time to write him a long reply. though i might not have gotten any reasonable reply anyway.

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I'd like to thank Royalcello, for both not having too heavy of a hand, and also for getting rid of the troll when the troll got out of hand. I appreciate that this is one of the few places on the Internet we can talk about a number of unpopular opinions without getting shouted down or derided, but there are limits to everyones patience.

I also want to publicly thank Peter for maintaining his corner of the forum in the genealogy section. I do read it, but never contribute because I have nothing to contribute. Genealogy ain't my thing, but as a nerd who has appreciation for other peoples' nerdery, I like to watch people nerd out about things for which they have passion.

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Thanks, Aaron. Years ago I used to feel disappointed at how little response my efforts received. But I long since resigned myself to it, with the comfort that new things I put in got reads and old ones continued to, so there must be people out there at least somewhat interested. Of course until Murtagon came along there hadn't been any new things for a long time, partly due to me really having run out of ideas and partly because of diminished health and energy levels since my near-fatal illness in 2015. Nor have I done much maintenance, since I can't, Website Toolbox no longer being Excel-friendly. Happily the need hasn't arisen, a situation I hope will continue. Anyway, apart from what Murtagon does I expect the section will just sit there, in part as a monument to mania but I hope at least in part as an information resource too.

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It wasn't the first time that we've had a troll come in and add nothing of value to the forum. Unfortunately a previous one caused things to sour here, and contributed to the forum's decline.
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