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Found this article interesting. And I really hope Abdullah II succeeds in turning Jordan into a liberal democracy. They'd become a shining example of what the Arab world could be. And this article makes me feel sympathetic to him, the poor man. But hey, at least he's got idealism, isn't that a plus?

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I must disagree. The last thing His Majesty should be doing is giving away royal powers to politicians. Honestly, the current government system of the Hashemite Kingdom seems pretty ideal to me; a constitutional monarchy with a monarch who has real power, combining parliamentary rule with strong oversight from the monarch- if only the United Kingdom would return to such a system! There is no real need for Jordan to move towards greater "democracy" and a purely ceremonial monarchy. It has the best possible system at the moment. I think King Abdullah would be better off focusing on Jordan's economic problems than pleasing the West by waxing lyrical about more "representative" government. Frankly I had a higher opinion of the King before reading this article.
That which concerns the mystery of the King's power is not lawful to be disputed; for that is to wade into the weakness of Princes, and to take away the mystical reverence that belongs unto them that sit in the throne of God. - James VI and I of England, Scotland and Ireland

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I think what has to be taken into account is that Jordan has a weak party system and an essentially tribal/feudal society, like most Arab societies. This by default increases the power and influence of the King regardless of what the constitution may or may not stipulate. Even if democracy takes root in any Arab country, whether in a monarchy or not, it is unreasonable to expect that Western-style norms of democratic politics to be observed.
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