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I think it would be a good idea to petition monarchical countries to see if they would let people immigrate on the basis of being a monarchist/supporting monarchy. Does anyone think this is a good or bad idea, or have any comments?

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I wouldn't personally consider it a good idea. But then I don't really understand devotion to monarchies in general rather than one's own monarchy in particular. Liking and admiring the concept, yes, liking and admiring the monarchies of other countries when they merit it, as most do, yes, but preferring another country to one's own simply because it is a monarchy and yours is not, no.

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  If you believe in the monarchies, and your bible believing, then you can find where Kings and Leaders are appointed by God.  These kings had supernatural help at times, because they had a mark on them from the creator.  In many countries today, there is belief that those marks continue in each generation, and often found on people who (probably are unaware) become prime ministers, rulers, leaders, presidents etc.  In America, the people believed this at the beginning, and so they petitioned God to replace the king with "One nation under God", or God as their king, with a 4 year president to represent him. They established their first president, Washington, a man who was known for the supernatural occurrences that had surrounded his life, on the battlefields, etc.   And it worked thus far. :-)
   Every country needs a good screening immigration process, to make sure that the people entering wish them no harm.   As a monarchy country, allowing individuals into the country that support your regime, could be helpful.  As long as their screened properly, and possibly include a time-frame of service, such as "military service for two years' (If of age) or working for the government for two years.  etc.  Allowing the people to be screened properly while being considerate of the social and economic impact of the country to those already in the country. (not overwhelming the nation) My philosophy of monarchical governments, are that Kings should focus on the national levels, and avoid the local and state levels as much as possible.  People are educated, and can lead themselves most of the time.  Kings are charged with defending their country, providing economic stability and relief, leading a life of example in morality and spirituality, serving the people as best they can, and preserving their way of life.  They don't answer to the people or to the parliament, they answer to God, the creator. :-) Who wants God the father as their boss? Who knows everything about you? and Expects you to be their mirror image of him.  Its a tough job. Many Kings and Queens could not do the job well, and failed miserably all the way to the guillotine.  :-) Some were exceptionally brilliant in their roles as King and Queen, but never without God's help.   Loyalty and honor are expected in the Kings service, which is often non existent in today's world. (There should be, more loyalty and honor in today's world among friends and people and nations.)  Christ, loved his people, and so the Kingdoms under God are expected to love their people as well.   

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I can't help but feel a little hurt Peter that you say don't understand, since if it weren't for that kind of monarchism (which certainly describes me), this forum probably wouldn't exist. I guess you don't know what it's like to long for a monarch to call your own. I have certainly looked into immigrating to the United Kingdom or Canada, and I don't consider wanting to live in a monarchy an insufficient reason, though there are other things to appreciate. It hasn't happened yet, though, and I wouldn't call it "asylum." Whether a country has a monarch or a politician as its head of state can have a profound impact on how one feels about it.

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For me it is simple, it is an attachment to the British monarchy, Britain and the Commonwealth, and interest in monarchy in general is an extension of it. Growing up, I long tried to figure out through a keen interest in politics why some countries were monarchies and some weren't, the intrinsic value of monarchy to a wide variety of cultures and so forth. It took me time to put two and to together and if anyone who lives a perfectly normal life as I (and presumably most on here!) do, why can't others? I got to the point that I can't understand why people would post here without understanding just why we take the interest in monarchy we do.
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