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I was thinking it might be a good idea to collect arguments for monarchism, so as to be able to present them more easily, and to better argue for monarchism. I remember when I was vaguely an anarchist (of a nebulous sort, never quite even deciding what kind, social or individualist), back aeons ago as a teenager, I stumbled across the Anarchist FAQ. I was quite impressed by this document, as, whatever its flaws, it gives a good overview of social anarchism and the arguments for it.

I also was thinking that a something structure like Aquinas' Summa Theologiae would be good. He uses the classic scholastic method, which includes presenting objections (which are supposed to be made as strong as possible - the Schoolmen wished to avoid knocking down strawmen at all costs). This way we could present important objections to monarchism or the arguments for monarchism, and respond to them. I also like Peter Kreeft's list of arguments for God, in particular that he includes arguments (like the ontological argument) that he doesn't think work or work completely. We could include arguments that not all are sold on, or that are suggestive or interesting but not definitive.

I don't know what others think? I thought we could slowly contribute what we can in this thread and see what happens.
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