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A lot of internet monarchists are Legitimists, who support succession to the thrones of former
monarchies following the old lines of succession. I'm a populist monarchist, who supports the descendant of the old royal dynasty with most popular support being elected king. I support allowing heirs to the throne marrying non-royals, and I support daughters of the king being placed ahead of brothers of the king in the line of succession. Some versions of Legitimism is practical republicanism, like present-day Jacobitism, present-day Carlism, support for the Kadjar (Qajar) dynasty in Iran and opposition to King Mihai's decision to introduce female succession to the Romanian throne. Kirillism (support for Grand Princess Maria Vladimirovna as the de-jure Tsaritsa of Russia) will become practical republicanism, if a Zemskiy Sobor elects a different person Tsar of Russia. Russian monarchists ought to be Soborniks (supporters of a Zemskiy Sobor choosing a new Tsar of Russia (I want eligibility to be restricted to descendants of Rurik, including female-line descendants of Rurik), Iranian monarchists ought to support Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, who is very popular among Iranians, and Romanian monarchists ought to support Nicolae, the grandson of King Mihai, who is quite popular in Romania. British monarchists obviously ought to support Queen Elizabeth, and Spanish monarchists obviously ought to support King Felipe.

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