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Sihanouk was the king of Cambodia. He led the Cambodian struggle for independence from France, which was obtained in 1953. Sihanouk refused to support USA in the Vietnam War. Sihanouk was deposed by Lon Nol, a lackey of US imperialism, in 1970. Lon Nol declared Cambodia a republic. Sihanouk lived in exile in the People's Republic of China and in North Korea. Sihanouk regained his throne in 1993. Sihamoni, the son of Sihanouk, is the current king of Cambodia. I'm an anti-Communist, but the US intervention in Vietnam was wrong. USA defending an ally, which is invaded by a Communist state, as in the Korean War, is legitimate, but USA invading another country in order to prevent a Communist revolution is wrong. Every nation is allowed to choose its form of government without interference from foreign powers, even if I dislike that form of government.
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