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Tonight after Evensong at St Mark's School of Texas (where I sing once a month) some of the older boys were telling me that one of their classmates is related to the Shah of Iran.  Now normally when people tell me something like this I have no way of knowing exactly what they're talking about or how to verify it.  But in this case I checked Royal Ark and it was immediately clear that they were referring to the son of Princess Azardokht (b 1964), herself the daughter of the Shah's half-brother Prince Gholam-Reza (b 1923).  As if that's not well-connected enough, Azardokht's own mother Princess Manizheh (b 1941) was the daughter via her second marriage of a former wife of the last Qajar shah.

Apparently this enterprising young man once gained free admission to the movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time by informing the bemused movie theater employee that he actually was "the" Prince of Persia.    Hopefully I'll eventually get to meet this local young "royal" in a city not known for its royal connections...

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