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It appears that the French People only need to look to Italy for the restoration of their Monarchy.  Deep in the heart of Tuscany, where the sunflowers grow underneath the summer sun is the sword of St. Galgano.  The real sword in the stone is the legendary Excalibur on Earth.  St. Galgano was a young, worldly, and ruthless knight who had an apparition of St. Michael the Archangel.  The angel instructed him to amend his life, to which he replied in ecstasy that it would be easier for him to thrust his sword through solid rock than change his ways.  He was humbled and devoted the rest of his life to doing Penance.  The sword remains in stone to this day.  In the Arthurian Saga the sword in the stone is attached to the British Monarchy, but in the case of History it is attached to the French Monarchy.  The French Monarchy has seen divine assistance in the patronage of Joan of Arc, and the dispute is over who is the rightful French King.  Be him found worthy not just of the King of France, but Emperor of Europe, whosever pulls the sword from the stone.  This is where the United Nations, the European Union, and NATO can transform into Camelot.  It is about time, that we had a government that was anointed, and blessed with Divine Authority.  It is about time that we remembered the ways of our ancestors...For all of our technological gain we lost something innate.  There is also a message in the life of St. Galgano one that speaks to the heart of war and peace.  St. Galgano set the standard by which the scales of justice weigh men's souls.  Excalibur calls to the Earth....It calls for mankind....

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You may not know this but there is a cemetery for the Kings of France in Jerusalem!
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