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While looking for an article on Heinrich XXIV, Count Reuss zu Koestritz, to link to I came across one on Heinrich XXIV, Prince Reuss. He wasn't the Heinrich XXIV I was looking for, but deeply interesting, and I felt Royalcello on particular would like to read about him, if he didn't already know about his compositions.

The Reusses incidentally get such high dynastic numerals because every single male member of the family is named Heinrich (after the Emperor Heinrich VI, in gratitude for his generosity to the family), and in order to distinguish one Heinrich from another they all get a numeral, not just rulers. The now extinct elder line I believe used to start again when they reached Heinrich C, and the surviving younger line starts again at the beginning of each century. Obviously the expectation in either case was that low numerals would have died by then; if they hadn't, I expect the particular number was skipped in that 'round'. This can produce odd effects, for example I know of a Heinrich XXIII who was the son of a Heinrich XXIV! They were younger line and born either side of a century divide, with sufficient time after to build up from I to XXII by the time this particular Heinrich XXIII arrived.

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Thanks; very interesting.  I should champion his works or something.
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