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Originally Posted by AugieDoggie
Personally, I would consider the First Reich my ideal as well. (The great Erik Maria Ritter von Kuehnelt-Leddihn suggested, in his WWII-era book "The Menace of the Herd" (in which he mentions the Germanies--and that was BEFORE the BRD and DDR divisions!), suggested that something like the First Reich be restored.) This was the period of the Germanies' great cultural flowering, with the scattered monarchies ensuring that German culture was spread evenly throughout the region (just look at how many centers of publishing there are in the Germanies, compared to how France has only Paris and the U.S. have only New York).

Yeah, and today, we have fairly good model for what states could look like: the Principality of Liechtenstein. Oh Liechtenstein! The worst fear of all whose who would oppose monarchy, and try to say that, in the event of a restauration, things would fall into tyranny, and feudal chaos(the latter of which sound not bad btw)!
It may be a slight compromise, but promoting small, local monarchical restaurations on the model of Liechtenstein(even with its system of direct democracy) might be a good thing, even though it may not be exactly what we want.

Originally Posted by AugieDoggie

The first (monarchical) period of Second Reich, in its being more centralized, resulted in economic the expense of culture. The few exceptions to the rule only existed because the individual (but now heavily truncated) monarchies still had some degree of independence--hence the Theater Duke and Wagner. (Regarding the latter, it helped that Bavaria carved out a reputation as being the most independent-minded monarchy in the new Reich.) Things became worse when the Second Reich was (idiotically) forced into its republican period--centralization continued as the former Wettin monarchies outside of Saxony proper were consolidated into "Thuringia". And then the National Socialists came....

Those pesky republicans...

Originally Posted by AugieDoggie

I still think the Habsburgs should be the Holy Roman Emperors, to be honest. And regarding Bohemia, let me paraphrase Jan Smuts by saying that if a Central European nation does not want the Habsburgs, change the nation's mind. If said nation does not need the Habsburgs, change the nation's needs. (Of course, it would greatly help if the Haus Habsburg was more explicit in championing their Imperial-Royal heritage.)

Yeah, they were certainly good rulers. Even the Jewish-American foreign correspondent and geopolitical analyst Robert D. Kaplan, in a interview with TVO in 2000, said that he is nostalgic about Empires, particularly the Habsburg Empire(he was talking about the Austro-Hungarian Empire). He said that "Jews were always safe in empires". I believe he has also stated that he thinks there will likely be a return to monarchy, and empire, etc., in the coming decades. He is a very smart man. I hope he is right.

Originally Posted by AugieDoggie

Also, why didn't you ask me for a list of the all the states in the Holy Roman Empire? I actually have a rather comprehensive list, including states that got mediatized to Brandenburg-Prussia! I even have them arranged in the Imperial Circles...[biggrin]

May I see it? And do you happen to also have any lists of Reichsritter, it seems kind of hard to find a good/thorough one.
I would be very grateful.

"With God's help it will never be that a Bohemian king would run from a fight!"
- John the Blind
(according to an account in the Cronica ecclesiae pragensis Benesii Krabice de Weitmile)


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The Kingdom of Kurdistan:

Territory: The Kurdish lands, which are former parts of Iraq (except Kirkuk, which is still part of Iraq).
Capital: Hewlêr (Erbil).
Form of government: Constitutional monarchy.
Monarch: The Shah of Kurdistan.
Dynasty: The Osmanoglu dynasty.
Order of succession to the throne: Male-preference primogeniture.
Head of government: The Prime Minister of Kurdistan. Is appointed by the Shah and can be dismissed by the Parliament by a vote of no confidence.
Legislative assembly: Parliament of Kurdistan. Unicameral and elected by universal and equal suffrage for men and women.
State religion: Secular state.
Predominant religion: Sunni Islam. Zoroastrians, Yazidis, Kakai's and Nestorian Christians are significant religious minorities.
Official language: Kurdish is the sole official language of the state.
Ethnic minorities: Assyrians, Turkmens (the ethnic Turkish minority of Kurdistan) and Armenians.
Currency: Kurdish Dinar.

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