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Just found this article and searched here to see if it was posted before but it looks like it has not.

Now I am a hard-core Libertarian free-market anarchist, however I have no problems with monarchy conceptually or ideologically as I could see a country as being owned by the ruling family. And as long as you have the right to leave and take your money with you the fact that there are rulers is not a problem. Don't like it? Take your stuff and go, no hard feelings. This is the same as any other patch of private property.

And I rather like the pomp and ceremony, the continuity, the lack of having to please special interests and so forth.

I've come to discover that it's not so much "government" that I despise, it's politicians; their cronies and the legions of useless bureaucrats and rent-seekers.

So I would be perfectly content in a monarchy where the King was distant and aloof did not suffer politicians and let the market do it's magic. No public welfare system, no mercantilism, a stable currency and low taxes. A lot of happiness could be had in such a place.


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This was my philosophy a few years ago when I was a libertarian. My biggest libertarian argument for monarchy was that there would be far less waste. Assume, for instance a greedy monarch. He can get incredible luxury beyond his wildest dreams by taxing the populous. Because he is one person, this would be a much smaller amount per citizen than, say, 500+ congresscritters, their staff, the special interests that they owe favors to, etc.
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