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Note: I originally posted this in Off-Topic General in response to a reference in one of the threads, but what I posted more appropriately belongs here.  I hope this is okay to move a response to start another topic and thread.

I would just like to go back in this thread to the references concerning Franco (Actually, perhaps this would be better as a different thread.  Anyway I will post here and see where it goes). 

Now, someone please correct me if I am wrong.  But my understanding of Franco in regard to monarchy is that even though he expressed a dedication to restoring the monarchy, he desired to establish a monarchy that would perpetuate his ideology; or, in other words, he wanted to create a puppet monarchy that would extend his legacy.  This is why he would not recognize Don Juan (Don Juan was seen as too liberal) and threaten to bring Alfonso to the throne, if Don Juan and Juan Carlos did not go along with Franco's grooming.  So even though Franco's expressed desire to restore the monarchy may be seen as a positive point, I do not believe he was sincere in establishing a true monarchy that would serve the best interests of Spain (Though, I imagine Franco thought he was acting in the best interests of Spain.  But then again, someone who proclaims himself regent for life and toys with lines of succession, may have problems seeing the true nature of things and what is truly good).  This is also why I believe HM Juan Carlos deserves such great admiration--that is, for overcoming the baggage Franco had saddled him with.

Do we have any members from Spain?  I would be interested in hearing their perspective on this matter. 


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Francoism is not an ideology, it is a pragmatism. Franco was regarded a long time as a loyalist General  with the Republic and his own brother, Ramon, were elected appointed republican of extreme-left in Cort├ęs in 1931.
When the "national" rebellion prepared in Spain in 1936, this rebellion was animated by various "currents". A part of the Army, with the General Sanjurjo, the phalangists of the FE de las JONS, the monarchists "carlists", the monarchists "alphonsists", the conservatives of the CEDA and the nationalists of Albinana. The rebellion burst on July 17 in Morocco and on July 18 in Spain. Franco did not join entreated that on July 14... and took the head of rising after the accidental death of Sanjurjo on July 20.
During all the civil war and a part of the second world war they are the fascistic soldiers and politicians who dominated "Francoism ideologically". Also, in 1945, the pro-Franco regime was very insulated diplomatically. At this point in time certain currents monarchists suggested restoring monarchy to change the political image of the francoist Spain, in particular with respect to England. It is what was made in 1947.

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It is part of the historical record that Franco and Don Juan held each other in contempt.  Franco did indeed flirt with the idea of placing Don Alfonso on the Spanish throne, and indeed towards the end of his life, Franco's wife Dona Carmen was actively lobbying for Juan Carlos to be shunted asside in favor of her in-law, Alfonso.  Franco did indeed want a monarchy on his own terms and not the terms that were desired by the rightful monarch himself (Don Juan).  When the present Prince of Asturias, Don Felipe, was being christened Queen Victoria Eugenia, widow of King Alfonso, mother of Don Juan, grandmother of Juan Carlos and great-grandmother of Felipe arrived in Madrid for the ceremonies.  The venerable granddaughter of Queen Victoria is said to have said to Franco, gesturing to Don Juan, Don Juan Carlos and baby Felipe, "Here you have the three Bourbons.  Choose!"  Franco kept a diplomatic silence.  Clearly he was not ready to choose, or to give up the reigns of power.

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Hubertgaston and Ethiomonarchist, thanks for the feedback and info.  Any thoughts about how well HM Juan Carlos maneuvered himself through the Francoists and the Leftists? 

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