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The crisis in Libya has also contributed to divisions among Arab powers, with the UAE and allies in the anti-Qatar bloc tending to back General Haftar. A restoration of the monarchy and possibly a partnership with Haftar would provide a renewed order in Libya in my view.

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My fingers crossed for this to occur as I think this would mean for a clean break from the recent past.
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Thanks for the preceding information concerning the Libyan monarchy.

However, I think that the statement in the Libyan Express that the individual in the article (Mohammed al-Senussi) is the grandson of King Idris, the last king of Libya, is a mistake. Mohammed is actually a grand-nephew of King Idris.

King Idris had no surviving children from his 5 wives. (He did have 5 sons and 1 daughter, all of whom died in infancy.) He was deposed in 1969 by military officer Muammar Qaddaffi, who overthrew the royal government in a coup d'etat. King Idris died (aged 94) in exile in 1983. His heir was his nephew, Crown Prince Hasan, who died in 1992. Mohammed al-Senussi (the individual whom I believe the article is about), is Hasan's son.

Dis Aliter Visum "Beware of martyrs and those who would die for their beliefs; for they frequently make many others die with them, often before them, sometimes instead of them."

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I miss Gaddafi.

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While recent events in Libya have been regrettable, I see no reason to mourn the departure from this world of a terrorist-sponsoring Third Worldist icon who funded the IRA on one hand and Islamic militants in the Philippines on the other. Like regimes such as Iran, ideological and religious consistency play no part in the funding of terrorist movements.

If you're not for monarchism, why the hell are you here in the first place? You're a troll who came to the wrong place looking for a fight.

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Here's an early example of what I believe to be Vasily's technique, dating all the way back to 1964:

Well, I couldn’t leave
Unless the old man chased me out
’Cause I’d already promised
That I’d milk his cows
I had to say something
To strike him very weird
So I yelled out
“I like Fidel Castro and his beard”
Rita looked offended
But she got out of the way
As he came charging down the stairs
Sayin’, “What’s that I heard you say?”

From Bob Dylan's Motorpsycho Nitemare.

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The issue resurfaces in Libya:

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Great post!

I predict that Libya will be successful with this because of events outside Libya (what they did to our Ambassador shows who is in charge today):

 I am very optimistic, I see what the Saudi Prince is doing with his father also the anti-corruption push in Ukraine that came soon after his visit there.  I see the visit of Israeli VIPs to His Majesty, King Felipe VI in Spain while my own Royalist organization (the largest Israeli NGO) is paying an official visit to Morocco.  This development in Libya is very timely and encouraging.  You may say I am nuts, but I see the possibility of the United States becoming a Monarchy due to the official return to Christian values after a total plunge that almost led the country into the hands of Communism.  The fight for survival of the free world will make this happen, as even US Admirals have been caught red handed with corruption, and immorality. 

It doesn't say anywhere the Messiah will be a President, so we need to get used to the idea of Kings coming back on stage.  We also know that courts are not able to enforce the law, or that the laws are ungodly, so we need the intervention of an entity that is above the courts, the President is not it, since Judges have more seniority and authority than Presidents.  Communism has failed since all of Russia s smaller neighbors live in terror, as do most Russians that don't live in certain parts of Moscow.

An orphaned world is looking for their fathers.  They will find them. The creator will not let his world down when they do something right, even in Libya.

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