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Candace Owens, a popular figure with conservatives on social media, has been the subject of an outrageous slander by a Guardian columnist, for which she is (rightly) considering legal action:


That's right. A black woman who rejects identity politics and victimhood has been called "Far Right" by the Left, and is now accused of being in league with "neo-Nazis".

This comes on top of the hate campaign against Kanye West for doing the same, with one writer claiming he wants "white freedom":

Further asininity, as now meritocracy is dismissed by academics as "white supremacist":

The increasingly irrelevant GQ magazine claims that "free speech warriors" are "mainstreaming white supremacy" and that "Cultural Marxism" and "liberal media" are apparently "white supremacist" terms:

The same GQ mazgazine lauded Colin Kaepernick, a Castro admirer and supporter of Black Lives Matter. GQ is just one of many "mainstream" liberal media outlets to discredit itself through inanity and dishonesty. Vogue and Teen Vogue are similarly awful.

The liberal media makes no attempt to hide its bias. They have now adopted the tactics of the SPLC of defaming legitimate conservatives. They represent as much if not more a danger to peace and freedom than actual terrorists.
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