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His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei Daru Salaam is celebrating a half century on the throne with a lavish Golden Jubilee.  Regional heads of state attended and royal families from around the world sent representatives.  His Majesty the King of Malaysia, the Prime Ministers of Cambodia and Singapore, the Presidents of the Philipines and Indonesia, their Royal Highnesses the Earl and Countess of Wessex, and royals from around the Middle East were in attendance.

The Lion of Judah hath prevailed.

Ethiopia stretches her hands unto God (Quote from Psalm 68 which served as the Imperial Motto of the Ethiopian Empire)

"God and history shall remember your judgment." (Quote from Emperor Haile Selassie I's speech to the League of Nations to plead for assistance against the Italian Invasion, 1936.)

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Many happy returns to HM The Sultan upon reaching this rare milestone.
Yours Sincerely Queenslander
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