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The Bourbon-Parma family are once again auctioning off some jewels that once belonged to Queen Marie Antoinette, Queen of France.

Many of the Queen's jewels were smuggled out of France to her native Austria during the revolution and were handed to her daughter Marie Therese of France when she was released from prison and allowed to move to Vienna.  Marie Therese married her cousin the Duc d'Angouleme (heir of Charles X) but as she remained childless, left these priceless jewels to Princess Therese, the daughter of her cousin and brother-in-law the Duc de Berry.  Therese was the sister of the last of the elder line of the French Bourbons, the Comte de Chambourd.  She married the Duke of Parma, and the jewels of Marie Antoinette ended up in this branch of the Bourbon dynasty.

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