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Black Ribbon day celebrates the victims of totalitarian ideologies like Communism and Nazism. However, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs paints a one-sided view:
(Note the negative replies)

And this:

Subsequently two Twitter users, one of which is Daniel Hannan, set the record straight:

Liberals have been hysterical about Russia either for no reason or all the wrong reasons. Conservatives and nationalists like myself have long been critical of modern Russia for the right reasons, and what we've seen on Twitter from Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs proves it. It's good to see Daniel Hannan and Jaak Madison call them out on this. It's long overdue.

People have been blinded as to the true nature of the state in Russia that never had any kind of reform or counterrevolution since the Soviet Union fell. Vladimir Putin personifies this in its highest form as a former KGB man. Russia continues the Soviet foreign policy of supporting the world's most odious and hateful regimes.

Above all else, there is the glorification of Soviet history that is offensive almost without equal. Under Gorbachev and Yeltsin, this was played down to some extent. But Putin, who clearly regrets the fall of the Soviet Union, has ramped up the propaganda war as can be seen every May 9. If you ever watched The Soviet Story you will know the whole story. Poland, the Baltic, Ukraine, the Caucasus, the mass rapes and deportations... I can say this a billion times over just to get the message into people's heads.

The denial of Communist crimes is like the denial of Nazi crimes, perpetuated by people convinced their systems could do no wrong. We know, for instance, that Turkey denies the Armenian Genocide and we forcefully condemn this. We forcefully condemn those who deny the Holocaust. But what Russia does is at least as bad and in some ways WORSE. They know what happened, and they are proud of it. Every decent person must see this as utterly vile and morally repugnant.

Please, don't you dare call me "Russophobic" for telling the truth. There are also a good many Russians, and Russian emigre descendants, who are far more aware of the facts than non-Russians are about both this chapter of history and the true nature of the Putin state. The true nature of that state is revealed by what it revels in. Do not be deceived.

For more:


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In related news, Estonia criticises the government of Greece for refusing to acknowledge Communist crimes:
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