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Hello everyone [smile], I'm a web programmer, I am currently building an interactive family tree on the British monarch at my site, here is the link :

which is based on data from wiki source :

Since a family tree will look better with pictures,  I'm trying to embed pictures/photos of the monarch family members into the tree nodes. As the wiki source above did not came with pictures, I must find them by googling. Now, the more famous/important member of the family tree will have their pictures easier to find, however some of the family members pictures seems nowhere to be found, even by googling.

Currently, I'm trying to find pictures of Feodora von der Horst(1905 - 1991) and Maria Reindl(1908 - 1996), both were spouses of Johann Leopold (1906 - 1972). Also, does anybody has picture of the adult Johann Leopold? What i currently display on the tree is him as child, i want to change that, if i can...

And i've recently notice that the wiki source does not actually display very complete family members. Upon clicking on Johann Leopold link (,_Hereditary_Prince_of_Saxe-Coburg_and_Gotha  ), i came to notice that he has a younger brother that does not displayed on the wiki tree : Hubertus (1901 - 1943). Is there a particular reason for this, or it is just a mere wiki error? Should i displayed him on my interactive tree as well?

Are there any other family members that i haven't diplay yet on my family tree?

And also please confirm did I use every pictures correctly? Or do you see any error? Please look at the family crest emblems, are those properly placed? And about persons, I particulary a litle concern about the picture of Caroline Mathilda (1912 - 1983), is it the correct picture of her, or another person who coincidentally have the same name?

Hint(s) :

  • You can use the 'Search' box to find a certain family member in the tree.
  • Zoom with mouse scrooll button.
  • You can drag the tree to adjust position.
  • Use 'Reset' button to reset tree position.

Thank you for your time.

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