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It's a bit like a widespread restoration of monarchies; something you dream about, intensely desire to see, but know you almost certainly won't. What is? Deep space exploration, starting with the first manned mission outside the Earth/Moon system. Mars is the target but, very disappointingly for one who has been a science fiction fan virtually since reaching double figures, we won't get there. Too far, too dangerous, if the crew don't all die on the way there they assuredly will on the way back.

We just can't go fast enough, a mission lasting near three years in such a perilous environment has no chance of dodging every single bullet during that time. And we won't ever be able to, not only do I think the light-speed barrier unbreakable, I don't believe reaching even a significant fraction of c will ever be possible for us. And if we do somehow make it, will it really be worth it? There is not and never has been life on Mars, I state that as a fact. Not a fact but a strong conviction with sound reasoning behind it, I doubt there are more than a handful of planets in the entire galaxy supporting life of any kind.

Intelligent life? Chances are we are alone in the galaxy, if not the Local Group. Doubtless a manned mission to Mars would discover important facts about planetary evolution and the like, but much of that could be found by unmanned probes without the unjustifiable risk to life human travel there would entail. Dream the dream, develop the technology, the spin-off benefits would be enormous and worth even the colossal investment required, but in the end don't go. Restoring monarchies, now, by all means go ahead. It's actually a likelier prospect than someone ever going to Mars and back again.

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A Martian Monarchy would be a nice prospect when we do eventually go about and colonize the red planet, and need a local form of governance to help the process along.
Yours Sincerely Queenslander
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