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Hi, I'm glad to join a monarchy forum.  I've never been on one before.[angel]

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Auspicia sunt patrum.

Warrior in soul, death be my freedom.

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A warm welcome to any and all new members here, I apologize for my late words of welcome, however I trust your stay is a happy, informative and as rewarding one as mine has been. I also look forward to your many and varied contributions in the years to come.[smile]
Yours Sincerely Queenslander

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Hello my name is Kevin, and I am an American. My interest in Monarchies began about 14 years ago. I had a deeply profound conversion to the Catholic faith at the time, and began studying the prophecies of the Great Monarch and Holy Tsar. I was on pilgrimage in Europe and North America for the majority of those 14 years, living out of a rucksack, visiting holy shrines, churches, monasteries, hermitage's, apparition sites. I always had an apocalyptic knighthood spirituality, but it wasn't until I discovered the real sword in the stone in Tuscany, Italy that my life would take on a profound meaning, even if it is a humble life. The sword of St. Galgano is the legendary Excalibur on Earth. I spend a great deal of time researching, reflecting, and writing about St. Galgano, and I do what I can to educate the public about him.

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Hello all!

As you can probably guess I am from the US State of Pennsylvania.

I came to support monarchy gradually after hearing some religious arguments as well as through studying history.

Tradition and legitimacy is what I consider to be the country's most natural form, and preferable to republicanism. An ideal monarchy for me is one that is consistent with the teachings of Christianity.

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I am a "Jewish" Monarchist.  My Christian name is Geoffrey Max and my Jewish name is Mordecai. 

I am born on the day Moses and Rabbi Nachman were born and according to Rabbi Johnathan Cahn Jesus was also born on that day (Moses also died on that very same day). 

I say "Jewish" because we Jews are really the sign of the BUll, we are the tribe of Josef which is confused with Acher, Efraim and Menashe.  (I can explain how this works theologically)

You Catholics are of the tribe of Benjamin, like Mordecai from Shushan, Persia the Prime minister of Xerxes I of Persia.  What happened to you is that by Purim you had all become descendents of Jacob.  Later in Rome two orphans drank the milk of a wolf and became "mutants".  Gd gave you special strengths and a howling sadness.  Only the milk of Rachel can cure you.  She is the mother of Rabbi Nachman and Josef (If anyone from Femen group in Ukraine is reading this , be in touch).

So the religions of the world are not the real dividing lines between people or even tribes.  THe issue of Monarchy is very serious because only the Monarchs can work together to re-establish Peace under Gd!  Thomas Jefferson is right when he says all men are created equal (and different).


Turn Mt Zion (the burial site of KIng David and of the last supper room) into an international Royal property where Monarchs can work together to bring Peace and the rule of Divine Law back to this planet.

The Monarch that wants to be first among peers should really contact me.  He will be the leader of the Lion and will be at Peace with the leader of the Bull which is no other than King and Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman.

PS.  I have written a letter to Brunei, and will communicate with any other court, everyone gets a fair shot at this.

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