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Religion and rebellion is a complex subject in Chinese history. One sect of Taoism headed by the hereditary Celestial Master in Taiwan, the Zhengyi Dao, was in rebellion against the central authorities of the Han Dynasty. The Taiping Rebellion in the 19th Century was based on pseudo-Christian teaching. Most recently, Falun Gong and the pseudo-Christian Eastern Lightning (Church of Almighty God) have been suppressed by the CCP regime.

During the 20th Century, following the fall of the Qing Dynasty, a number of religious movements attempted to form new dynasties. This continued even after 1949, and again after 1976.

The Chinese regime persecuted cults it called "feudal superstition" (erroneous, China has not been a feudal society for two millennia or more). But the religious sects keep springing up regardless.
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