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And the Facebook event:

The SGP has attracted the ire of SJWs in the Netherlands because of the name of an event and the poster, being accused of promoting "hate". Evidently it was deemed "offensive" and apparently even promoting a "yellow star atmosphere" because of its criticism of Islam.

I'll give the SGP kudos here. We can see that Geert Wilders' PVV is not the only Dutch party which is critical of Islam. The SGP is a very old and well-established Christian Right party in the Calvinist tradition. While it has always been a minor party with two or three seats in the Second Chamber, it has strongholds in conservative rural municipalities and in alliance with the Christian Union, a more progressive religious party, tends to do better in local and European elections. In truth, this mirrors a trend in other countries where smaller parties do comparatively better at those levels than in general elections.

In the most recent Dutch general election, the SGP received the biggest number of votes in its history, although still having just 3 seats. It has been remarkably consistent in its principles - adhering to socially conservative Christian values and loyal to the Dutch monarchy - while also being critical of Islam in Dutch society and of the EU. It is also pro-Israel and highlights the threat of the Iranian regime. In short, a party one would be comfortable supporting despite religious differences.

The SGP is a member party of the ECPM and sits with the ECR in the European Parliament along with the Conservative Party and its allies.
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