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This is the title of a BBC drama, to be aired tomorrow week, 10th May. It imagines the accession of the Prince of Wales, his reign swiftly tumbling into disaster as he provokes constitutional crises and the Duke of Cambridge, egged on and manipulated by the Duchess, plots to seize the Throne. Bad taste in the extreme, allied with preposterous premises. I really do not approve of fiction based around living people without their consent ever being asked, and the likelihood of any monarch refusing assent to legislation against ministerial advice, which is supposed to spark it all off, is infinitesimal.

The claim that actors refused roles because they feared for their future honours is likewise risible, these are granted by the monarch but, with certain exceptions (albeit these are the highest honours of all), again on ministerial advice. No doubt if the Queen were to strenuously object to a particular individual receiving a particular award ministers would think again, but the chances of such an event leaking out and causing scandal and outrage among certain politicians and noisy members of the media would be very high, and I don't recall such a thing ever happening.

Yuk is my general reaction. Even though it's a bit late for me I might still watch it, but the chances of my storming off to bed midway in a foul mood are also pretty high! We shall see, or rather I shall, maybe. There's another link here, in case the first one didn't suffice.

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Sounds like yet another episode in lefty wish fulfillment that the public broadcasters of the world seem to want to flush down our collective throats in the current time. If anything the reign of HM Charles III will be a lot shorter and less eventful or controversial than most expect, largely owing to his age (almost 70) and the length of his mothers' reign as it stands at present.
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