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Every year on Australia Day we are treated to hand-wringing from the self-hating chattering classes telling us what horrible people we allegedly are for living in this country.

As you can see, a faction of the Greens (Watermelons) even want to burn our flag:

And Australian celebrities want to copy their UK and US counterparts in denigrating their own country and culture:

The Spectator has this message:

The reality is that this precedent could be used to potentially undermine every organ of our national machinery that happens to be of British origin.

This means our representative democracy, Westminster parliamentary system, common law and all else ranging from English as our national language to the game of cricket. These are all products of British colonialism.

Racial quotas in Zimbabwe and South Africa demonstrate that the world of sports is not exempt from post-colonial activism. Imagine if Cricket Australia and AFL were to replace merit with affirmative action. Just how far will we go to euthanise the pillars holding us together as a nation in the name of reconciliation?

If the triumph of Brexit and of Donald Trump are an indication, the English-speaking world is undergoing a cultural awakening. Like our British and American counterparts, Australians are ready to take a stand against this wave of post-colonial activism.

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