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Originally Posted by Roideroi
I'd like to see clan Leslie and loyalist familys of Short try to claim it because I'm claiming direct descent from the senior branch of Roi. Arpad is a cadet branch of Valois and I'm directly descended from the French monarchy through Porhoet in my main line, Arpad, Bouillon-Auvergne and descent from William The Conqueror's half brother on my maternal side of the family. I can unite the Capet dynasty through a solid blood test.
I don't which Arpad family you are referring to here, but the Hungarian Arpads are not now nor ever have been a branch of the Valois family. Valois are a cadet branch of the Capetian dynasty - no relation to the Hungarian Arpads. 

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I'm referring to Bartolf's Arpad dynasty descendants. Saint Margaret's brother. Arpad was a cadet branch of Capet. I'm directly descended from Anjou on both sides of my parents side of the family.
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