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Originally Posted by jovan66102
Originally Posted by BaronVonServers
Uh, the text isn't 'of but one' but 'of one'.  Even the Romanists that published the DR weren't willing to change the text itself to make it agree with the teachings of men...

We are agreed that chastity in the state to which one is called is a requirement - it isn't just 'not married but once' it is 'faithful to the one wife'.

Baron, out of curiousity (and not being flippant) are there any others who agree with your exegesis on this matter? Over the last 50 years, I've discussed the matter of priestly celibacy (from both sides of the argument) with literally hundreds, of people and you are the only person I've ever met who holds this position.

Not to worry, a fair question.
I do hold to some rather minority opinions....

On this one, though the exegesis is rather common.  You don't hang around with Baptists much.  It is very commonly held among theologians in seminary even.  I don't agree always with Mohler (I'm no Calvinist!), but he addresses the issue here...

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An interesting alternative being offered to Traditionalist Catholics, Western Rite Orthodoxy (under ROCOR), which I hadn't heard of before.

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