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There were some Islamic dynasties of Kurdish origin (the Ayyubids above all), and Kurdish emirates in Kurdistan more or less self-ruling until the 19th Century. Unlike Scotland or Catalonia, there may be something more desirable about a new nation-state coming into being.


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Well the first Kurdish state to come inot existance after the First World War was proclaimed as a monarchy, with Sheikh Mahmud Barzanji ruling it as King for about two years before it came to an end. Sadly both subsequent Kurdish states, that being the Ararat Republic between 1927 and 1930 and the Mahabad republic in 1946 were both republics, with the latter one seeking the support of the Soviets.

Even now with the Kurdish Regional Goverment, it seems they'd simply wish to retain their President after the creation of a State, since no one's breathed a word about possibly restoring the heirs of King Mahmud, despite his status as an icon for Kurdish statehood and emancipation.
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