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The thing about Commonwealth republics is that there has never been any chance of reverting to being a Commonwealth realm again, the chances of restoration would seem less there than even in Western European republics. Further to it, many African Commonwealth republics do have their own sub-national monarchies but that's another thing.

One exception could be Fiji, which became a republic and left the Commonwealth in 1987 after a military coup, yet the Union Jack remains on its flag, and the Queen's portrait remains on its coins and notes, and many Fijians still consider Her Majesty as their Queen. The coups of 1987 and 2000 were the result of race-based politics. The 2006 coup, however, brought Frank Bainimimarama to power with support of both Fijians and Indians, apparently tiring of the rampant corruption and racism of Fijian politics.

Now don't get me wrong. I do find this military regime no less distasteful than any other. But Baininimarama has one thing in his favour, and that he's a monarchist who keeps a portrait of Elizabeth II on his desk. It's thought he actually wants to restore Her Majesty as head of state, which would happen when democracy is restored. The basis for this was sound- unlike other Commonwealth republics were constitutional change or referendum severed links with Britain, in Fiji this was entirely done by military coup and thus has no legal basis.

Baininimarama's regime is opposed by the governments of Australia and New Zealand, not least because of the uncertainty over when or whether democracy will be restored. But will there be any complaints if democracy and monarchy are restored at the same time?
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